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Website and Server Monitoring
Desktop Email SMS Alerts Desktop AlertsEmail Alerts SMS Alerts
We monitor your server:
Monitoring is done every minute of every hour of every day. We monitor numerous parameters, some of which are Server Connectivity, Website Pages Content, DNS Server, DNS Lookup, Email POP, SMTP, IMAP, SSL Check, Database Connection Check, Custom Port Check, Website Link Monitoring and many more..
We send Alerts:
If any of the items that you are monitoring are down, we triple check them from our network locations around the world and we immediately send you the Alerts via Desktop Application, Email and SMS.
We create the Uptime / Downtime Reports:
We maintain Real Time Reports on your website / server / service downtime so that you can have evidence for your hosting provider which will prove handy in case you ask for downtime reimbursement. Reports can be as detailed as every minute of every hour of every day.

Monitoring Locations
San Antonio, Texas (South Central) (USA)
Secaucus, New Jersey (East Coast) (USA)
Seattle, Washington (West Coast) (USA)
Durham, England (UK)
Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

Pay only for whats used
You Pay only for what you use under our Software as a Service (SaaS) model for calculating the usage charges.

Each monitoring service has a specific cost:
For example, in the case of a Website Check (HTTP) the cost is 1 Cent every 100 tests, so if you choose a 2 Minute Interval Monitor, total monthly break down would be: 21,600 tests (Approx 2 Minute Intervals in 1 Month) / 100 tests = 216 cents (1 cent per 100 tests) = $2.16

But, if you delete the Monitor in less than a month, then only the actual number of Monitoring Tests will be counted towards your usage charges.
See Cost per Monitoring Service
Features Remote Monitoring Services provides a One Stop Solution to all your Monitoring Needs:
What do we Monitor?

  • Website Monitoring - HTTP
  • FTP Monitoring - FTP
  • Email Server Monitoring - SMTP
  • POP Server Monitoring - POP
  • IMAP Server Monitoring - IMAP
  • Secure Website Monitoring - SSL
  • SSH Monitoring - SSH
  • Ping Monitoring - PING
  • DNS Server Monitoring - DNS
  • DNS Lookup Monitoring - LOOKUP
  • Link Check - LINK
  • Database Monitoring - SQL
  • Custom Port Monitoring - TCP
  • Website Content Monitoring - PAGE

What Alerts do we send?

  • Email Alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • Desktop Alerts
  • Custom Notifications (Twitter etc.)
  • Notifications API
  • Ability to send test Email/SMS alert
  • Custom email subject for alert notification

Reporting we provide

  • Public Report and Stats Page
  • Private Report and Stats Page
  • Ability to Reset statistics
  • Graphical Downtime and Uptime Stats
  • Ability to display your monitoring status     on your website

Tools for Webmasters

  • Maintenance Schedulers to automatically     suspend monitoring
  • Each outage is triple checked to prevent     false alerts
  • Error type detection - detects, notifies     and reports the type of error and the     response of the target.
  • Trace Route upon connectivity errors     detected, every time a connectivity error     is detected a trace route is performed     from the monitoring location to the     monitored target and the results will be     saved for future display in the reports.     The trace route results can be included in     the email alert as well.
  • Ability to disable all monitoring services
  • Ability to set Custom Time Zone
  • Ability to set Daylight Savings Time